These are the official Rules and Policies for Torturepedia Wiki. Please read them so we can be assured that you will not be punished in anyway. It is also recommended you make an account if you're an anon or IP.

Wiki RulesEdit

  • No Vandalizing/Spamming/Trolling. Inserting gibberish and non sense stuff into pages, or making spam pages.
  • No harassing. Making much fun of a user or his/her work will not be accepted and result in a ban.

Admin RulesEdit

  • Do not ban or kick for no reason. Banning for a personal liking will not be accepted and you will be demoted.
  • Abuse rights. Abusing the theme designer, navigation, or anything of your rights can result in immediate demotation and possibly a ban.
  • Give users false rights. Giving any user any kind of rights without consulting thr other admins or the founder will result in demotation of you and the victim.

Chat RulesEdit

These are for the Wiki chat, don't abuse it again or it will go away forever.

  • No trolling/spamming, like said above.
  • Kick/ban for no reason. For mods and admins, read above for the info.
  • Nuking. Sending a super duper long message can crash a chat, kicking usually all users out and freezing all Wikia tabs open. This results in immediate ban.

I hope you read them and listen, so you can enjoy the wiki better. Please enjoy Torturepedia, thank you.

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